This doc is outdated. For up-to-date examples, please follow this sample repo.

The Achievements section has been designed to showcase your achievements in a gallery view. This post will show how to configure the Achievements section of your site.

At first, create an achievements.yaml file in the data directory of your site. Then, follow the following instruction.

Add Your Achievements

Now, add your achievements under the achievements section in your achievements.yaml file as below,

- title: Best Presenter
  image: images/sections/achievements/presenter.jpg
  summary: Best presenter in the 2020 XYZ conference.

Each achievements entry should have the following fields,

  • title: The title of the achievement.
  • image: An image of the achievement.
  • summary: A summary of the achievement.

You can use markdown syntax in the summary field.

The following image shows how the contents of achievements.yaml are mapped into the Achievements section.

Example achievements.yaml File

Here, is the achievements.yaml file that has been used to create the Achievements section of this site.

# Your achievements achievements
- title: Best Presenter
  image: images/achievements/presenter.jpg
  summary: Best presenter in the 2020 XYZ conference.
- title: Champion
  image: images/achievements/sport.jpg
  summary: Champion in cycling inter-city cycling championship 2020.
- title: Graduation
  image: images/achievements/graduation-cap.jpg
  summary: Received Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science and Engineer from XYZ University.
- title: Award Winner
  image: images/achievements/woman-winner.jpg
  summary: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Possimus architecto minus facere vero?