The Recent Posts section is used to showcase the latest posts from your content. To enable this section, create a recent-posts.yaml file in the data/en/sections directory and include the following content:

# section information
  name: Recent Posts # Title of section (default: "")
  id: recent-posts # url id/slug of section *Required*
  enable: true # Boolean to determine if this section is enabled (default: false)
  weight: 6 # Order to display section in (default: alphabetical followed by weight)
  showOnNavbar: true # Boolean to determine if a link should be shown for this section on the navbar
  hideTitle: true # Can optionally hide the title in sections (default: false)
  numShow: 4 # Can optionally increase the number of posts to display (default: 3)
  showMoreButton: false #Can optionally show 'More Posts' button (default: false)