The Skills section is designed to showcase your skills and provide insights into your expertise in each skill. In this post, we will guide you on how to configure the Skills section of your site. For a complete reference, please check out the sample skills.yaml file.

To begin, create a skills.yaml file in the data/en/sections directory of your site. Then, follow the instructions below.

Add Section Information

Add the following section metadata to your skills.yaml file:

# section information
  name: Skills
  id: skills
  enable: true
  weight: 2
  showOnNavbar: true
  # Can optionally hide the title in sections
  # hideTitle: true

Add Your Skills

To add a skill add it’s information under skills section in your skills.yaml file as bellow:

# Your Skills.
# Give a summary of you each skill in the summary section.
- name: Kubernetes
  logo: /images/sections/skills/kubernetes.png
  summary: "Capable of deploying, managing application on Kubernetes. Experienced in writing Kubernetes controllers for CRDs."
  url: ""

Here, you have to provide the name, log, and summary fields for a skill. The summary field should provide an idea about your depth of knowledge of this particular skill.

You can use markdown syntax in the summary field.

The following image shows how the content of skills.yaml files are mapped into the Skills section.